Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thank you.

In another hour, we'll be off. Jeff is sealing up the last bag, baby is napping, elder sister is watching the first of many hours of TV. Soon we'll be embarking on our 24-or-so hours of travel. Thankfully, we all slept well last night. Here's hoping we all catch a few zzzs on the plane, too.

It was a different summer this time around. Many of our conversations revolved around next steps, even if those steps might yet be two years away. I found it harder to settle in this summer and found myself a little more anxious and a little less excited. Tired of the transient nature of our lives.

And yet, it was still another fabulous summer full of good conversation, lots of loving, and gorgeous expanses of sweet nature. And any remaining angst I may have been carrying slipped away during our last two weeks spent here:

Days spent jumping on the trampoline, walking through the green, green grass, and lounging under the trees while the kids sat in the swing and sandbox. And evenings spent in the hot tub and around the fire, talking about everything and nothing with those we love. We return to Qatar with clothes smelling like smokey campfire... one of my favourite summer smells!

Thank you to family and friends who made the summer memorable. It's never long enough, is it? But I think we made it good. We'll see you in ten months.


Laura said...

We're ready on this end to pick up the good times and make good memories. see you soon. xoxo

Rieko said...

Hello kathy! It's Rieko from Japan. I have been quite out of touch so long. How's been?
This picture reminds me wonderful memories when I visited there... So beutiful pictures. Miss you so much!!

Sarah Griffiths said...

Perhaps we can shorten that time in-between visits? :)